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Ayaat-A-Day: A Digital Qur'anic Reminder


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Thank you for your interest in Ayaat-A-Day: A Digital Qur'anic Reminder

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Ayaat-A-Day: A Lifetime Qur'anic Calendar

Ayaat-A-Day: A Lifetime Qur'anic Calendar
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Price: $12.00


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Ayaat-A-Day is a Perpetual Calendar designed to provide Day-to-Day Wisdom and Enlightenment through selected verses from The Holy Quran.


What is Ayaat-A-Day?

It's a Qur'anic Calendar that Never Expires! Usable for Any and Every Year, this Lifetime desk calendar contains faith-strengthening verses that will Insha'Allah help motivate one to read the Holy Quran in its Entirety as well as to Understand and Implement its lessons.

With over 400 plus verses on 366 pages, Ayaat-A-Day covers topics such as: The Power, Signs, and Favors of Allah, Rewards and Punishments, The Day of Judgment, Heaven and Hell, Things Lawful and Forbidden, Usury, Charity, Justice, Kindness to Parents, Relations with Kith and Kin, Divorce, Times of Hardship, Forgiveness and many more... A Great Islamic Gift for All Occasions!

It's Features include: 366 dated pages, over 400 different Quranic Ayaat, modern English translation for easier understanding, convenient stand-up easel, a padded front cover, and uniquely innovative monthly designs. A Great Islamic Gift for All Occasions.

Pages: 368 Binding: Spiral
Product Size: 5'x4' Stock Number: SP 1001
Product Weight: 14 oz. ISBN-13: 978-0-578-01431-9
"This daily dose of Qur'an is exactly what I need to start my day. subhan'allah the calendar is beautifully made too. Well done and thank you."
by Hamza Al-Awladi
Seattle, Washington
"I love the Ayaat-A-Day Qur'anic Calendar. We keep it on our dining table and our whole family reflects upon the day's lesson while eating our meals! JazakAllah Khair"
by Zainab Javed
Chicago, IL