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Ayaat-A-Day: A Digital Qur'anic Reminder


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Thank you for your interest in Ayaat-A-Day: A Digital Qur'anic Reminder

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Frequently asked questions about the Ayaat-A-Day Software.

Q: What is Ayaat-A-Day: A Digital Qur’anic Reminder?
A: Ayaat-A-Day is an innovative Islamic software designed to help you easily fit Qur’anic lessons into your daily routine, by bring verses to your desktop Automatically. Whether you’re seeking knowledge or simply passing time, Ayaat-A-Day works around your schedule to conveniently include Qur’an into your day without any effort.

Q: How can I download the software?
A: It’s simple. Go to and click “FREE DOWNLOAD.” Fill in the Fields, click Submit, and a download link with installation instructions will be sent to your email.

Q: How many Qur’anic Verses are in the Software?
A: The Full Version contains 500+ selected verses from the Holy Qur’an. The Trial Version contains only 50 verses.

Q: Is there a Trial Version available?
A: There’s no need! Ayaat-A-Day is now Freeware meaning the entire software is available to download, absolutely free!

Q: Is there a theme behind which verses were selected?
A: Yes. The verses in Ayaat-A-Day: A Digital Qur’anic Reminder follow the theme of “Daily Guidance.” Every Ayah in the Holy Qur’an is inspirational and many contain immediate and practical lessons that can be applied to everyday life. The verses chosen in this software serve to directly strengthen individuals both morally and spiritually insha’Allah.

Q: How can I listen to the verse’s recitation?
A: Recitation is available in the Arabic language. Simply click the “English/Arabic” button and move your mouse over the image, a playback bar will appear at the bottom.
*Windows Media Player 11 or higher for recitation function*

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